Graphic Designer


Academy for Graphic Design combines technical software skills and creative thinking to produce a competitive portfolio. Students will be lead through the nuanced skill-development process to achieve excellence in Logo Design, Typography, Packaging, Printing, Web Design, User Experience, User Interface, Branding and Advertising. Instructors with industry experience will challenge the students to rich their personal creative potential and prepare them for a graphic design career.

Study Program

1. Design and Art Theory
2. Color Theory
3. Raster Image Editing & Manipulation (Adobe Photoshop CC)
4.Vector Illustration Principles & Techniques (Adobe Illustrator CC)
5. Desktop Publishing (Adobe InDesign CC)
6. Project I
7. Typography
8. Logo and Design
9. Creating Brand Experience
10. Project II
11. Concept in Photography
12. Project III
13. Graphic Web Design (HTML5/CSS3)
14. User Interface/User Experience
15. Package Design
16. The Concept in Advertising
17. Printed Portfolio

English Program available for:Adobe Photoshop CCAdobe Illustrator CCAdobe InDesign CC


  • Creating design solution
  • Communicating ideas using color
  • Creating digital graphics and illustrations
  • Managing project and time constraints
  • Optimizing readability of typography.
  • Working on layout and art working pages ready for print
  • Ensuring technical and design quality of a graphic design solution
  • Designing attractive web pages


Creative/Art Director, Logo Designer, Brand Identity Designer, Photo Editing/ Photoshop Artist, Layout Artist