Visual Artist


Non-traditional and flexible educational teaching methods that include a practical activity in studio, atelier and computer lab, in collaboration with eminent professors, experts from local universities, studios and businesses.
Analytical insight and critical interpretation of theoretical and conceptual issues from historical, cultural and social context of art and applied arts.
Developing the portfolio and the final product by public presentation at the end of the academic program through gallery exhibition, in order to introduce oneself and to start a career, to perform further research, as well as for employment or self-employment.

Study Program

1. Essence of creativity
2. Drawing techniques
3. History of art
4. Photography
5. Postproduction of Photography (Adobe Photoshop CC)
6. Graphic illustration (Adobe Illustrator CC)
7. Visual communication (The principles and elements of Art and Design)
8. Analysis and process I
9. Painting techniques
10. Aesthetics
11. Multimedia
12. Methodology of creativity
13. Application of contemporary arts (Film, Photography, Design)
14. Analysis and process II
15. Marketing and sales


  • Developing creative and technical ability, as well as stimulating intellectual, visual and aesthetic individual values.
  • Training for practical use of multimedia visual arts (photography, film, design) in commercial (marketing, advertising) or artistic activities.


Visual artist, Graphic designer,  Photographer, Illustrator, Cinematograph, Art director, Creative director, Advertising contractor; Film director.


Duration: 9 months | 3 semesters
Classes: 480 + 120 internship

I semester: October 15 – February 15
II semester: February 15 – June 30
III semester: One month internship

Lectures: Four times a week (Monday – Thursday) from 17:00 am until 20:30 pm