Web developer (Skopje and Ohrid)


This curriculum is focused on the latest web technologies combined with traditional computer science concepts. Having in mind that a great web developer means not only being fluent with the latest frameworks and programming languages, but also having an evolved intuition for writing code that is efficient, secure and maintainable, the methodology has an ideal balance between these crucial components.
At the end of this 3 semesters study program you will develop an equivalent skill set and experience as an entry level web developer for the exciting and in-demand software development industry.

Study Program

  1. Basic Programming Principles
  2. Programming methodologies
  3. Basic Web Development (HTML5/CSS3)
  4. JavaScript & jQuery Development
  5. Advanced JavaScript Development
  6. Programming with C# and Visual Studio 2015 – basic
  7. OOP with C# – advanced
  8. Database development & design
  9. Software testing & debugging
  10. Developing ASP.NET Web Applications
  11. Presentation Skills
  12. Advanced Data-Driven Applications using ASP.NET
  13. RESTful – Web Services and APIs Development
  14. Developing Cloud-ready Applications
  15. C# Server Development
  16. Angular 2 with TypesScript
  17. Content Management Systems (WordPress)
  18. Introduction to PHP
  19. Introduction to WordPress
  20. Introduction to NoSQL Databases
  21. Introduction to Node.js
  22. Business Simulation
  23. Data Analysis

* some of the subjects will be a part of the Regular program while other will be placed in the category Elective, which mostly depends on the profile, aspirations and the knowledge of the students.

English Program available for:  Academy for Programming

PROJECT 1 (Individual)

PROJECT 2 (Team)

PROJECT 3 (Team)


FINAL PROJECT (Individual)





  • Working on front-end using latest modern web technologies such as: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript
  • Developing front-end applications using popular web development frameworks such as AngularJS,
  • SPA-focused technologies with the corresponding tools and environment
  • Working with Visual Studio 2015/2017 and next versions of the IDE
  • Working with ASP.NET Web Development Framework
  • Working with MVC (Model View Controller) and other MV* known patterns (MVVM, MVP)
  • Deep understanding of OOP concepts and OOP programming languages, primarily working with C#
  • Develop modern and responsive websites and applications
  • Develop solutions using ONION architecture accompanied by knowledge of iOS, Dependency Injection,
  • Repository pattern, CQRS
  • Working as a full-stack developer covering front-end, back-end and databases development
  • Working with relational and non-relational Database Management Systems (Microsoft SQL, MongoDB)
  • Understanding the concepts of cloud computing (Azure)
  • Developing Cloud-ready, scalability-focused applications
  • Deep understanding of IaaS, PaaS and SaaS principles of the cloud systems
  • Developing applications using PHP


Web Developer, Technical trainer, Technical consultant, Software Engineer, Software Developer, Front-End Engineer, Full-Stack Engineer


Experienced, passionate programmers who love to teach. Holders of MCT, and other relevant certificates (where applicable) for the subjects they are entitled and eligible to lecture. Some of the subjects have both trainers and assistants, whose job is to ease the learning process, introduce some learning, coding and even typing techniques and share their experience in entering the web developers world of opportunities.