Prestart up and Entrepreneurship

Prestart up and Entrepreneurship

Post Academy specialization program

Lectures and speed mentoring

  1. Vision and ideas, team development
  2. Business model generation
  3. Research and customer development, Branding and marketing, Product and user experience design, Competitive Benchmarking of the features
  4. Sales and Growth hacking
  5. Finances and Raising Capital
  6. Developer Problems and Coding
  7. Basics of Crafting a compelling pitch and company
  8. Graduation – Watch what you wish for

Price: 150 € (Regular price 300 €).

For best start up ideas SEDC provides start up program grants
and hosting in corporation with Seavus incubator

Total curricula of 100 hours of lectures and speed mentoring sessions where the mentors with theexpertise expertise on the subject answer questions and the teams present their idea, progress and thoughts formthe “teacher” session.