ECDL / ICDL is the international standard in end-user computer skills. It is a high-quality, internationally recognized certification designed, validated, and approved by academic and international experts from around the world.

ECDL Foundation has successfully delivered certification programs to over 12 million people throughout 150 countries and in 41 languages.

The ability to use a computer effectively is an essential life skill. Computer skills enable people of all ages to understand and use technology to improve their personal and professional lives. Certified computer skills can help the holder’s professional life by making them more attractive to employers, while increasing their ability to communicate and access information and services in their personal life.

ECDL Foundation’s certification programs are vendor neutral. This means that our programs are not tied to any one brand of software and are designed to enable people to gain skills that can be used in any appropriate software environment.

This vendor neutrality gives people the freedom and flexibility to complete the training and testing, and demonstrate skills in a range of software applications.

Certified Computer Skills
Make applicants more attractive to potential employers
Enable employees to be more productive
Increase the likelihood of career advancement

Provides proof of your skills
Demonstrates competency to potential or current employers
Defines the skills and knowledge that you need and measures the training quality
Increases your confidence through achievement of a recognized standard

The new ECDL is made up of a range of modules – each module provides a practical program of up-to-date skills and knowledge areas, which are validated by a test. Through the module combination that you choose, you create your individual ECDL Profile.

Test Centers
ECDL® Authorized Test Centers provide on-site, on-demand testing for certification and select professional licensure exams. Centers are uniquely positioned to provide the highest level of reliable, performance-based testing.