Game Designer


Academy for Game Design combines technical knowledge and artistic skill to produce a portfolio in line with game design industry. Students will learn to design characters and its environments, image rendering, character development and animation. During the game project, Game Design students create innovative and original games.

Study Program

1. Creativity
2. Game Design Theory
3. Drawing
4. Texture Creation Using Adobe Photoshop CC
5. Beginning Game Programming (Unity)
6. Modeling and Sculpturing (Autodesk Maya)
7. Project I
8. Introduction to Game Industry
9. Introduction to Animation (Autodesk Maya)
10. Project II
11. Rigging for Animation and Games (Autodesk Maya)
12. Project III



  • Drawing a character and its environment
  • Designing characters
  • Designing environments
  • Producing models of props and characters
  • Representing movements in three dimensions
  • Creating UV
  • Texture creation
  • Rigging the characters
  • Animating characters
  • How to develop an environment and design a level with Unity 5/UE4
  • Understanding the basics of gameplay
  • Determining the overall visual style
  • Setting the basic story skeleton


Game Programmer, Game Designer, Game Technical Artist


Duration: 9 months | 2 semesters
Classes: 540

I semester: November 02 – January 15
II semester: January 15 – July 15

Lectures: Every day (Monday – Friday) from 12:30 am until 16:00 pm

Tuition fees & Payment