Manual Testing & Automation Testing Academy


This curriculum is focused on the latest agile testing principles combined with traditional software testing concepts. In addition candidates are getting IT knowledge related to Agile, Scrum and Kanban, SQL, Operating systems and Diagrams such as UML, BPMN and Mind Maps which is crucial for a Software Tester. Modern or Agile software tester is not only a person who executes tests but Agile tester is a person who is capable to develop API, WEB UI and Mobile automated tests and in the same time to speed up the testing and prevent defects.

At the end of this study program you will develop an equivalent skill set and experience as an entry level Software Tester for the exciting and in-demand software industry.

The Study Program consists of two modules: Academy for Manual Testing and Academy for Automated Testing. The candidates may decide to sign on for only one, or for both modules.

Study Program

Academy for Manual Testing

  1. Introduction
  2. Generic IT Skills
  3. Manual Testing
  6. Career counseling

Hands-On Lab Activities

  • Homework Projects/Tasks – after every class
  • Individual Project
  • Group project
  • Final Project


  • Writhing complex SQL queries for testing the Databases and Performing better End to End Tests
  • Designing diagrams in engineering acceptable language
  • Designing tests with very high percentage of coverage
  • Reporting Defects in clear and effective form
  • Applying Testing Related to changes using most appropriate concepts


Duration: 4 months
Classes: 138

Start date: September 2022
End date: December 2022

Lectures: Twice a week from 5:30 pm until 9:00 pm

Academy for Automation Testing

  1. Automation
  2. Performance Testing

Hands-On Lab Activities

  • Homework Projects/Tasks – after every class
  • Rest API Project
  • Web Automation Project


  • Basic Understanding of REST API testing using Postman
  • Basic Understanding of OOP and Unit Testing frameworks such as Testing


Duration: 3 months
Classes: 120

Start date: mid-January 2023
End date: mid-April 2023

Lectures: Twice a week from 5:30 pm until 9:00 pm

Job Opportunities

Software Testing Engineer, Software Testing Analyst, Automates Testing Engineer, Software Engineer, Technical Consultant.


Experienced and passionate Software Testing Experts who love to teach proven in this task. Holders of associate Software Testing Certificates. Some of the subjects have both trainers and assistants, whose job is to easy the learning process, introduce some learning and software testing techniques and share their experience in entering the software testing world.

Gjore Zaharchev is an Agile Evangelist and Heuristic Testing fighter with more than 12 years of experience in Automated and Manual Software Testing in various domains. He recognizes testers as people with various problem-solving skills and an engineering mindset and believes that Software Testers are more than mere numbers to clients. Currently he is working at Seavus, with an official title of a Quality Assurance Coordinator responsible for the Software Testing Team. And team of four assistants which will work with the group on a better and more effective way.

Tuition fees & Payment

Contact number: +389 78 499 133