Software Tester – Nish


This curriculum is focused on the latest agile testing principles combined with traditional software testing concepts. In addition candidates are getting IT knowledge related to Agile, Scrum and Kanban, SQL, Operating systems and Diagrams such as UML, BPMN and Mind Maps which is crucial for a Software Tester. Modern or Agile software tester is not only a person who executes tests but Agile tester is a person who is capable to develop API, WEB UI and Mobile automated tests and in the same time to speed up the testing and prevent defects.
At the end of this study program you will develop an equivalent skill set and experience as an entry level Software Tester for the exciting and in-demand software industry.

Study Program

    1. Manual Testing
      1. Introduction to Agile and Agile Frameworks
      2. Introduction to Software Testing
      3. Testing Techniques and Heuristics
      4. Exploratory Testing Secrets
      5. Testing Related to Changes (Smoke, Sanity and Regression Regression)
      6. Usability Testing, Responsive Design Testing and Cross Browser Testing
      7. Defect Reporting
    2. Automated Testing
      1. Working with Intellij IDEA
      2. Introduction to basic OOP concepts in Java
      3. Introduction to TestNG
      4. Introduction to Selenium WebDriver
    3. ISTQB
      1. ISTQB Foundation Level Training
      2. ISTQB Agile Tester Training

Hands-On Lab Activities

      • 3 Individual Projects,
      • 7 Team Projects,
      • ISTQB FL (CTFL) exam,
      • ISTQB Agile Extension (CATE) exam,
      • Final Project


      • Writhing complex SQL queries for testing the Databases and Performing better End to End Tests
      • Designing diagrams in engineering acceptable language
      • Designing tests with very high percentage of coverage
      • Reporting Defects in clear and effective form
      • Applying Testing Related to changes using most appropriate concepts
      • Basic Understanding of REST API testing using Postman
      • Basic Understanding of OOP and Unit Testing frameworks such as TestNG

Job Opportunities

Software Testing Engineer, Software Testing Analyst, Automates Testing Engineer, Software Engineer, Technical Consultant.


Experienced and passionate Software Testing Experts who love to teach proven in this task. Holders of associate Software Testing Certificates. Some of the subjects have both trainers and assistants, whose job is to easy the learning process, introduce some learning and software testing techniques and share their experience in entering the software testing world.
Mentor: Radmila Petrovic is a Quality Assurance Engineer with rich experience in development and software testing. She is a creative and passionate QA enthusiast with diverse experience within distributed teams. She enjoys being a part of a team and believes that good team communication and motivation are the key to success. Having years of experience under her belt as a QA lead she has been creating, educating and managing highly operative and successful QA teams.


Duration: 4 months | 2 semesters
Classes: 152

I semester: June 1 – July 31
II semester: August 1 – September 30

Lectures: Twice a week from 6:00 pm until 9:15 pm

Tuition fees & Payment