Tuition fees & Payment

In the Academic Year 2020-2021 the Academies at the Seavus Education & Development Center will admit 410 students.

Academy Study Program Price
Academy for Computer Networks  CloudOps Network Engineer, 3 Semesters 2.950 €
Academy for Computer Networks Security Specialist* 2.550 €
Academy for Software Testing Software Tester  1.550 €
Academy for Design Web Designer  2.550 €
Academy for Design Graphic Designer  2.550 €
Academy for Design Game Designer  2.550 €
Academy for Programming Web Developer, Skopje 2.550 €
Academy for Programming Web Developer, Ohrid 2.050 €
Academy for Programming Web Developer, Niš 2.050 €
Academy for Data Science Data Scientist 2.350 €
Academy for Digital Marketing Digital Marketer 1.350 €

* two exam vouchers included in the price.

This year supported by the Ministry of Education we have a special offer for our new students! Seavus Education and Development Center is officially a provider of academies and courses for Digital Skills. With this, all young people from 18 to 29 years old can apply for a voucher up to 30,000 denars to attend one of our trainings and academies!


Seavus Education and Development Center offers the following discounts for early registration:

Discounts • Skopje
Academy for Computer Networks (Cloud Ops), Design and Programming
15th of March 15th of May 15th of July 15th of September
discount for payment up to “x” installments 400 € 250 € 100 € none
cash payment 500 € 350 € 200 € 200 €



Discounts • Skopje
Academy for Software Testing, Computer Networks (Security Specialist), Data Science and Digital Marketing  
                     15th of September
discount for payment up to “x” installments none
cash payment 200 €


Discounts • Ohrid and Niš
Academy for Web Development
15th of July                      15th of September
discount for payment up to “x” installments 250 € 100 €
cash payment 350 € 200 €


Anyone who has completed at least High school can enroll at the Academies.
For enrollment at the Academy the prospective students should fill Application for registration and sign Contract on tuition.


  • Learning materials
  • Career Counseling & Mentorship
  • Certificate of Excellence for best students as a Distinction diploma
  • Art Materials included (for Design Academy)
  • Certificates
  • Loyalty Card – Loyalty Program with discounts and benefits for students and family members
  • Alumni Community Membership
  • Access to conference and events /Competitions/Match Making events with Industry

Scholarship Opportunities

Challenge Day (mid of June)

  • 6 full/10 half Scholarships (based on a competition)

Alumni & Loyalty Card

  • Referral Program: 50 € additional discount for the new student, 50 € reward for the alumni member


  • Modern facilities with new equipment
  • Relaxing & friendly working set up
  • Parking lot for 100+ vehicles, yard and leisure area