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1st semester:

2nd semester:

Winter holiday break:

2 times a week, 2 classes.




30.09 – 27.12.2019

21.01 – 12.06.2020

01 – 21.01.2020

17.45-19.30 /19.30-21.00




This is a second year of the IThink academy, and the goal is to present the children with a knowledge of real web pages design and the procedures to create and maintain it.  The objectives are to visualize, graphically create the elements of the page and continue the process until the page is viable.


1st Semester – Let’s do applied Design

You will enjoy the endless possibilities of the design, limited only by your creativity. Dive deep for the second time for the advanced creation of beauty.


  • Create a birthday card
  • Use a mockup
  • Design a t-shirt
  • Design a collage
  • Morphing
  • Design a web page with predefines elements
  • Modeling objects
  • Design a poster
  • Design a logo
  • Typography
  • Package design

2st Semester – Mysteries of the Internet resolved

Our goal is to teach you all about the process of creating a specific web page, your goal is to enjoy the creating, apply your ideas and create a page that everybody will love.


  • Graphic elements in web design
  • CMS usage
  • WordPress intro
  • Introduction to Joomla
  • SEO и Google Analytics
  • Local Networks and elements
  • Remote Access and control
  • Configuring Apache and WampServer