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2 times a week, 2 classes.




04.10 – 30.12.2021

24.01 – 09.06.2022

01 – 21/24.01.2022

17.45-19.30 /19.30-21.00


Get the Basics

We will make your intro to IT world as fun as possible. This module is your base to further quest for knowledge and fun learning.

  1. Compare me to a PC (Project in Thimble)
  2. The Magic of Networks (Project in PP)
  3. Internet is a living thing (Project The life of Internet in Prezi)
  4. My life on line (Project in Google Docs and Drive)
  5. Let’s describe the world (Final project using Glogster)

Let’s Design

We need beauty in our lives, as we need beauty on the Internet. Let’s learn how to design beauty!

  1. What is design?
  2. Tools in Photoshop
  3. Typography, text, photography
  4. Packing design
  5. Mockups and their usage
  6. Photo editing
  7. Filters
  8. Design Projects

Mysteries of the Internet (Internet Technologies )

How do we create all the wonders on the Internet? How do people design those endless pages? Get ready to find out and be a part of the Internet creators.

  1. Getting Ready to Build a Website
  2. Get to know the different elements (Setting up an HTML document)
  3. Text and Tables
  4. Colorful design (Intro to CSS)
  5. Internet pages and settings
  6. Internet page Project

Fun Code (programming)

You like games? Who doesn’t. Now you can create your own game and proudly present it around.

  1. Figures and animation
  2. Logical conditions and structures
  3. Values and Variables
  4. Interaction
  5. Sound and effects
  6. Strings and numbers

I love Robots (basic robotics)

New era is coming. Robots everywhere. Be in the future. Know your robot.

  1. Intro through Asimov
  2. Microrobots, construction and parts
  3. Sensors, electronics and comunication
  4. Sound and Vision
  5. Meet your robot
  6. Challenge your robot