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2 times a week, 2 classes.




30.09 – 27.12.2019

21.01 – 12.06.2020

01 – 21.01.2020

17.45-19.30 /19.30-21.00




This upper module named Making games in Unreal Engine Blueprints is a basic course in understanding the fundamental concepts in game design using the Unreal game engine. The course will walk through key concepts using the Blueprint editor by posing and solving problems in game design. The final product of the course will be an actual game which every student will develop throughout the duration of the course.


  1. Theory of games – what constitutes a game. How to approach game design. Best practices.
  2. Introduction to Unreal – Navigating through the editor. Setting up for game design. Unreal framework.
  • – The editor
  • – Types of objects: Game Modes, Game States Actors, Pawns, Characters.

      3. Introduction to Blueprints: Programming without any coding

  1. Introduction to basic graphics geometry in Unreal:
  • – Understanding the coordinate system (Cartesian X,Y and Z)
  • – Understanding gravity in unreal.
  • – Basics of vectors and vector arithmetic –
  • – Lerps and lerping (LERP = LinEaR interPolation) movement
  • – Timelines
  1. Basics od 3D – This is an introduction to essential knowledge in 3D graphics and how they are used in Unreal such as:
  • – Static meshes
  • – Actor components
  1. Creating a Game Design Document (GDD) – how to draft out a game on paper
  2. Building a Pinball game in Unreal Engine Blueprints
  • – Designing and building the scene
  • – Importing the game assets
  • – Scoring
  • – Saving and loading high scores
  1. Packaging a game and getting it ready for deployment

Target audience

Anyone with basic knowledge of basic algebra ( plus, minus, multiplication and division), navigating a computer (windows). Knowledge of programming is NOT a requirement.

Final product

Each student will have implemented his/her own design of a pinball game.