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1st semester:

2nd semester:

Winter holiday break:

2 times a week, 2 classes.




04.10 – 30.12.2021

24.01 – 09.06.2022

01 – 21/24.01.2022

17.45-19.30 /19.30-21.00




This upper module named Introduction to Game Design is a basic course in understanding the core principles of game design using the Unity engine. The course will cover the process of making a game, from concept to 3D asset creation, level design, lighting, animating and using scripts. Another key feature is resource management, which means also learning how to use the Unity asset store as a valuable resource when developing a game with a small team. The final product of the course is a game that the entire class has made together during the entire year. This is intended to encourage teamwork and communication.


  • What Is a Game
  • Introduction to all game elements
  • Creating a Game Design Document (GDD)
  • Explanation of the game development process
  • Generation of a game idea which will be implemented throughout the year
  • Introduction to Autodesk Maya
  • 3D Modeling Basics
  • Introduction to Unity
  • Project Setup
  • Exploring Game Scenes
  • The connection between Unity and Maya
  • Using the Asset Store and Assets
  • Unity Animation Basics
  • Scene Lightening techniques
  • Creating mechanics
  • Finalizing and Packing the Game

Target audience

Anyone with basic knowledge of basic algebra ( plus, minus, multiplication and division), navigating a computer (windows). Knowledge of programming is NOT a requirement.

Final product

Each student will have implemented his/her own design of a pinball game.