SCRUM Master

SCRUM Master

SCRUM Master

Scrum is an agile software development process to manage software projects.

Scrum is based on three simple principles: visible progress, constant inspection, and adaptation. With Scrum, teams use an empirical approach to adapt to changing requirements and priorities. Teams using Scrum focus on delivering working software to their customers on a frequent basis.

This course covers the fundamentals of Scrum, comprising the framework, mechanics, and roles of Scrum.

The Scrum Master course will teach you how to employ Scrum to increase value, improve productivity, and optimize the total cost of ownership of software products and also will give you basis to become certified Scrum Master.


  • Theory & First Principles (Complexity of Software Development; Predictability of Software Development; Self-Organization; Self-Organization; Case Study & Exercises)
  • The Scrum Framework ( What’s Needed for Scrum?; How is Scrum Empirical and Iterative?; The Scrum Framework; Definition of done; Case Study & Exercises)
  • Planning & Reporting (Exploring Accountability; Organizing Work; Release Strategies; Reporting Progress; Case Study & Exercises)
  • People & Teams (Scrum Master Responsibilities; Scrum Master Skills; Scrum Master Challengers; Case Study & Exercises)
  • The Scrum Master (Scaling Scrum; Scrum in the Enterprise; Organizational Culture Change; Case Study & Exercises)

20 Classes

The training package includes the course materials and hangs outs.