SEDC offers individual and group career counseling, as well as lectures, presentations and workshops in the area of Professional and career development. The unique program is based on international GCDF standard. Career consultancy is provided by SEDC Global Career Development Facilitator. Career counseling will help you to define your concerns, detect your skills and competencies and develop new and finally to find your own answers regarding your future career plans. It is mainly intended for those who would like to find out what is the best profession based on their skills and competencies or simply want to make a change or improve their professional life.


Each company or organizational team success manly relies on the performance of properly skilled and knowledgeable employees. Therefore, working on their permanent development is very important and requires serious approach. Having on mind the specific difficulties and needs our clients are facing, SEDC is offering a complete assistance in the process of training needs assessment as well as preparing a strategy for systematic analysis regarding the scope, type, methodology and training dynamics. Due to this we can fully assist in preparation of the company Annual Training Plans and Trainings content proposal.


SEDC offers assistance or full service in training plan design based on prior analysis and training needs assessment regarding the scope, type, methodology and dynamics of the required trainings.
Developing a training plan encompasses several phases starting with review of the organizational goals and objectives and determine the needs of specific skills and competencies necessary to meet these goals, than phase of assessing the needs of the employees through combination of tools and finally analysis and training recommendations.


SEDC is part of Seavus group who has long years of experience in software design, implementation and software maintenance with worldwide known client companies, we built a highly professional and well experienced team ready to offer its IT expertise in the latest technologies, designing innovative, optimized and the most important best quality IT solutions for your business.