Introduction to Programming

Writing software represents describing a process and procedures of doing something by the computer. This process involves developing a list of instructions that the machine, the computer, will understand and execute them.

These instructions are working with different types of objects like numbers, words sounds, etc.

Creating a computer program is compared to designing a house where we start from the bottom and go along to the top. In this course the participants will learn the process of programing, and how to order the computer what to do. They will understand the concepts of the algorithms which can easy their process while working on the computer.

Classes: 33


  • Introduction to Programming
  • Programing languages
  • Software, types and logic
  • Solving problems step by step
  • Writing code
  • Program structure, variables,
  • operators
  • IO data
  • Control structures
  • Fields and Matrix
  • Introduction to Visual
  • programming
  • Toolbox
  • Actions