IOS Basic & Advanced

iOS is the standard SDK (software development kit) for iPad, iPhone and iPad devices. iOS Basic course is for everyone who wants to start a career in mobile app development or someone who wants to create several iOS applications and  doesn’t know anything about iOS development. In this course participants will learn basic concepts of mobile app development and how to make iOS application.

Starting by accessing, downloading and setting up the SDK from Apple, then exploring and setting up Xcode to build an App, the participants will cover essential objective-C topics, such as classes, methods, building objects, and coding conventions. Jumping right into development, they will work with strings, controllers, manage application data, create views and other UI elements, and work with iCloud.

The course wraps up some essential tips to help the participant to customize his device, protect his privacy, and troubleshoot his iPhone or iPad if he encounters a problem. 

iOS Basic Topics

  • Objective C
  • Memory management
  • Foundation Framework
  • UIView Controllers
  • Protocols and Delegates
  • Interface Builder
  • Views
  • UITabViewController
  • UITableView
  • iPhone, iPad and Universial Applications
  • UIPopoverController, UIAlertView, UIActionSheet
  • UISplitViewController
  • Deploying iOS Apps to Real Devices
  • MFMailComposeViewController
  • MFMessageComposeViewController
  • Opening Resources at the Specified URL
  • UIImagePickerViewController

Classes: 30

iOS Advanced Topics

  • Gesture recognizers
  • Core animation
  • SQJite and CoreData framework
  • NSXMLParser and Libxml2
  • Compass and Maps
  • Managing the Address Book
  • Event and Calendar
  • Deployment for Appstore
  • Multithreading in IOS, NSOperation and NSOperationQueue
  • Block programming in IOS
  • Localization

Classes: 30