PHP & MySql Development

PHP is all about interactive Web site, allowing visitors to post and get information on your site, as well as read, edit and store info in MySQL database server. This course introduces the PHP framework and syntax, and covers in depth the most important techniques used to build dynamic web sites.

Here at SEDC we are not only learning PHP & MySQL but the whole development flow that every processional needs. Course participants are working as a part of the big company team and training a collaboration over everything else. By the end of the course – everyone will have plenty of useful code and right directions and will be able to build the whole web-based project from zero stand to production of the website. 


  • System and Development Tools
  • Git Technology
  • Scrum and Agile methodology
  • PHP Syntax
  • Data types
  • Variables and constants
  • Operators, Functions, Arrays
  • Strings
  • Objects
  • Web Programming
  • PHP OOP (Object oriented programming)
  • Database programming with MySQL
  • MVC pattern
  • PHP framework (Code igniter)

Classes: 80