27 May 2019


In times of expansion of non-formal education programs (trainings, courses, workshops, academies, etc.), in conjunction with the heightened awareness for the need of personal skills and knowledge update, new issues and dilemmas are on a constant rise.

Would my lack of prior knowledge in the field of IT or design make me a suitable candidate for retraining? Would I be able to master the program’s material? Will I ever be good enough in this field? The aforementioned are just some of the dilemmas that arise when deciding upon the selection of educational programs that aim to provide you with a job or a new career. We say programs, because there is a difference between the programs of the trainings, workshops or academies.


What is the difference?

Trainings are short types of education that aim to update your knowledge in the current job position you are holding, or to help you explore a new area that could later become your first or new occupation. Example – You are a graphic or web designer who wants to update your knowledge in web design, and to that end you attend Adobe Muse Training, a program that you have not dealt with before. You can attend this training in a particular training center or on an online platform. However, if you are a lawyer who wants to start working as a graphic designer, Adobe Muse Training will not be enough to retrain you for the simple reason that graphic design is an area that encompasses more than just one software tool. This applies to any other field and profession. The workshops, on the other hand, share the same goals as trainings. Their shorter duration distinguishes them from the former.

On the other hand, academies which are an types of trainings aim to help you start a new career, but only if you are confident that the new profession is in line with your personality and character. The academies are designed for people who have no prior knowledge or experience, or only have a basic knowledge in the field in which they have decided to build their own career in. For additional questions related to these academic programs, we have opened a section of frequently asked questions. FAQ> www.sedc.mk/academy/faq/

The differences that we are talking about which are in line with your goals are essential in choosing the right educational program for yourself!

Since SEDC has become the largest non-formal education academy with 300 enrolled students in the past year, this year we have decided to implement our activities under the slogan “What’s best for you?” in order to help you answer your dilemmas and most importantly – to choose the program that matches your personality and character.

As part of these activities  we present the first announced  free-of-charge workshops and specifically designed IT training courses for Introduction to IT, and we will continue to present new ones for other areas as well as in other forms such as: tests, videos, interviews, events and…  Stay tuned.


Current trainings: https://www.sedc.mk/it-course/it-course-schedule/

Academies: https://www.sedc.mk/academy/admission/